Motorized wheel chair Maintenance For Manual Folding Wheelchairs

It is crucial that you constantly inspect and your manual folding motorized wheel chair in good condition through general maintenance. Following the following will make sure that your motorized wheel chair have a lengthy service existence.

Once per week, wipe the frame from the motorized wheel chair having a soft moist cloth to get rid of any dirt and dust. When the chair continues to be uncovered to moisture, it’s suggested it be dried as quickly as possible. The metal chair ought to be completely cleaned and polished by having an automotive type wax monthly.

The upholstery could be cleaned with gentle soap and rinsed with tepid to warm water, then dried having a soft cloth. When the upholstery is worn or torn you need to contact the maker and request repair or substitute, as broken upholstery may be unable to offer the user’s full weight.

The wheels ought to be checked monthly for cracks, excessive put on, and proper tightness. Loose wheels ought to be adjusted by loosening the axle lock nut, tightening the axle, after which retightening the lock nut. In case your motorized wheel chair includes quick-release axles, make certain the axles and axle housing are stored free from debris and dirt. Wipe them lower monthly having a moist rag along with a couple drops of oil.

Look for loose basics monthly. Tighten when needed, while using proper tools. Replace broken basics with individuals of the very same type, grade, and strength rating.

This chair originates from the maker with solid rubber tires that need hardly any maintenance. Regular cleaning having a soft moist cloth is suggested. When the tires have cracks or show excessive put on, you need to contact the maker and request substitute.

Lubricate the folding mechanism and pivot points around the chair when needed for smooth, quiet operation.

Make certain there’s no binding, squeaking, or side-to-side movement within the wheels with no excessive participate in the casters.

Additionally to those maintenance tips, it’s also wise to bring your motorized wheel chair to some service center to have an annual maintenance tune-up with a qualified specialist. They are able to be sure that the motorized wheel chair is within good condition, make any needed repairs, and fine-tune the adjustments to help make the user as comfortable as you possibly can.

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