Rolex is a rather one-of-a-kind tale in the Swiss watch market. Without a doubt, from the beginning, its service plan varied from the remainder of the watch manufacturers. Consider the circumstances of Rolex’s biggest rival, Omega Watches. For them, everything started with a manufacturer named “Louis Brandt” as well is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Throughout these early days, all watches produced were offered under this name. It’s only later on, by getting influenced by his two kids, that Louis Brandt had the concept to develop a business brand, named Omega. Production before sales was the business version of the business.

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Rolex started vice versa. As Wilsdorf and Davis were not based in Switzerland, they might hardly generate watches, however, they wished to market them. Hence, they developed a commercial entity with a strong name, Rolex. The suggestion of manufacturing came later on, as a matter of fact later on, when it comes to a number of years, Rolex mostly relied on distributors to build its watches.

If nowadays Rolex is a completely integrated manufacturer, absolutely among the produces that create most parts of a watch, this circumstance only came after Rolex got numerous of its sub-contractors. It was Patrick Heiniger, the third chief executive officer of the brand name, who took over the placement in 1992, after his dad André Heiniger, who truly started the assimilation strategy. Under his instructions, numerous firms have been integrated into Rolex. Genex, one of the biggest case makers, was among the initial to be bought. Later, in 1998, Rolex got the bracelet-maker Gay Frères, a firm that is renowned for the Heuer grains of rice bracelet, as well as for the armbands of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, as well as naturally for being the ones to produce most of the Oyster armbands for Rolex. In 2000, Rolex took control of Beyeler, a “carrier” or dial-maker. The brand also integrated firms such as Boninchi, the largest provider of crowns for Rolex considering that 1919, or Virex et Joli Poli, case-finishers, or polishing primarily.

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